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(upcoming) CaliBird and Bee Sanctuary

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

This is the site of our newest project: The CaliBird and Bee Sanctuary. Our goal is to revitalize this abandoned lot that sits on top of the CalTrain tunnel in Bayview San Francisco.

We want to turn this once blighted and fire damaged lot into a beautiful sanctuary for birds and bees, a safe and inclusive place for community residents and a fertile ground for healthy food and healthy people for generations to come! Our stewardship of this site will serve as a deterrent to arson. Sadly, firefighters have been called to this site several times this year. We can mitigate the threat of fires by clearing dead, dry weeds, installing drip irrigation and fostering community involvement.

When the land is loved, the morale of the people elevates. They will be less likely to destroy and more likely to invest.

We want to raise $150,000 to fully revitalize this 2 acre lot for the purpose of installing a native plant garden that will attract pollinators, building 6 raised grow beds for organic fruits and vegetables, installing a small fruit orchard and vineyard. We also will support 6 local beekeepers who have several hives on site.

Here is a "before" pic taken in late winter of 2022. The photo below is the "after"

Fast forward to Summer 2022...

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