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Habitat Restoration

We're bringing the birds, bees, butterflies and frogs back to SF!

In every project, we aim to plant gardens of native plants to serve as food sources to support our beneficial insect friends, plus offer sanctuary for the many species who are rapidly losing their homes due to urbanization. We have successfully installed a pond at a garden in the Bayview in 2019, and released Pacific Chorus Frog tadpoles. Males were heard recently, signaling the start of the breeding season. 

With the help from Brett at SF Park and Rec and SF Landscapes, we restored riparian habitat at Alemany Farms by adding native riparian plants. In March 2021, we released 50 or so Pacific Chorus Frog Tadpoles. We hope we gave them the opportunity for sanctuary. 

DragonSpunk's own backyard in the Bayview Hunters Point SF has water gardens and breeding Pacific Chorus Frogs! 


Isaiah and SF Landscapes digging out area

for riparian habitat

February 2021

DragonSpunk installed pond, FFACG 2019

Riparian habitat March 2021, Alemany Farms

Tadpoles awaiting release!

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