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Latona Garden

Updated: May 14, 2021

On the corner of Latona and Thornton avenues in the Bayview you will find this humble gem which offers fabulous views of the Bay of San Francisco, Candlestick Park Hill and a soon-to-be thriving Third street. When Dragonspunk GRO first visited the space back in November, it looked like this:

With a little help from our friends we began to clean up and revitalize Latona Garden:

Dragonspunk GRO secured a great drip irrigation system for Latona Garden and arranged to get the water turned back on. Community member Marcus installed the irrigation. Now we have water! Dragonspunk GRO planted several native plants such as poppies, ceanothus, lavender, etc. Now (as of 4/16/21) the garden looks like this:

Latona Garden Cat, Sebastian:

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