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Adam Rogers Community Garden

Updated: May 24, 2021

Adam 'Roc' Rogers was a beloved community activist from the Bayview/Hunters Point area of San Francisco. Known as the Mayor of Bayview, Adam Rogers organized community clean up days-- community residents, with brooms and trash bags in hand, would go out and literally clean up the streets! He was involved with the various free breakfast programs that existed in San Francisco during the late sixties and early seventies. It is fitting that this bountiful garden be named after someone who truly loved the Bayview/Hunters Point community. Also, the garden just so happens to be located in back of Dr. George Washington Carver Elementary school. Dragonspunk GRO aims to honor that legacy of community activism and sustainable agriculture by revitalizing the Adam Rogers Community Garden.

So far, we have installed an "Immunity Boosting Herb Garden" featuring herbs that have powerful anti pathogenic and immune strengthening properties. Herbs such as Angelica, Artemesia Annua, Lemon Balm, Garlic, Oregano, Sage, three different varieties of mint; chocolate, spearmint, and Lemon, Comfrey and Ginger. Though it is still early in the season the herbs are progressing nicely and by the end of May they will be looking especially robust!

This was taken back in February; early stages of the Immune Boosting Herb Garden:

This was taken in early March 2021:

Dragonspunk GRO will be hosting workshops focusing on herb identification and the medicinal uses and benefits of each herb. Stay tuned for dates. All are invited to attend and take home samples of the fresh herbs!

Increasing Food Security!

Dragonspunk GRO has donated and built high quality grow boxes in which delicious fresh vegetables are grown and donated to Mother Brown's Food Bank in Bayview.

We connected with Bayview's own Malik Seneferu, an artist with a long history of mentoring at risk youth and beautifying the community with his compelling artwork. He did the original artwork at Adam Rogers Community Garden. We are currently seeking a small grant to fund a mural of Adam Rogers' to be displayed on the work shed. Could you believe that many young people born and raised in Bayview don't know or remember who Adam Rogers was??? Dragonspunk GRO is committed to rectifying that! The youth need to be aware of Heroes and Sheroes that worked tirelessly and sacrificed a great deal to build a cohesive and healthy community. We must connect today's narrative with the great work done in the past so that the youth can build upon that greatness and eventually go above and beyond it!

Frank Barry, close friend, volunteer, and certified Arborist at Daveytree. Have you ever been rock climbing? How about tree climbing? Well, this summer Frank and Dragonspunk GRO will be hosting Tree Climbing Saturdays where the community will learn the basics of tree identification and tree health assessment! Do you know the crucial difference between a deciduous and an evergreen tree? Well stay tuned - you'll learn that as well as how to climb a tree like a pro!

In partnership with Chris Renfro from Alemany Farms, Dragonspunk GRO will be installing a forty vine vineyard of different grape varieties. We hope to have the vines installed by the end of April (I know a bit late but better than never!).

Imagine it... a vineyard in the Bayview!!! Now imagine elementary school students learning how to manage, maintain and harvest from the vineyard.

Now, let's take the vision a bit further... Those same elementary school students going on field trips to other vineyards, learning about producing jam, jelly, juice, processing grape seed oil!

Finally, imagine those students as seniors in high school, getting ready to graduate, being offered scholarships to UC Davis, internships, etc...

Dragonspunk GRO is actively seeking financial support to fund this project; financial, educational services, material.

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